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Coconut Trees


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HONIX Coconut Oil is a plant-based, and non-GMO. This coconut oil features consistent flavor, high quality, excellent

mouthfeel, luscious textures, and good consistency, and is suitable for vegetarian foods. It also offers enhanced flavor and

a creamy texture.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil.

Other Attributes: Consistent Flavor, High Quality, Excellent Mouthfeel, Creates Luscious Textures, Good Consistency,
Consistent Quality, Creamy Mouthfeel, Improved Mouthfeel, Suitable for Vegetarian Foods, Enhanced Flavour, Creamy

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HONIX Coconut oil is an edible oil that has been consumed in tropical places for thousands of years. Studies done on native diets

high in coconut consumption show that these populations are generally in good health, and don't suffer as much from many of the

modern diseases of western nations.

Ingredients: Virgin Coconut Oil.

Other Attributes: Digestability, Stimulates Immune System, Free of Major Allergens, Non-Irradiated.

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